Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Awesome Bum's Top 10 Greatest Anime of All Time

When I was a kid, my grandfather and I were very close that we always watched different cartoons everyday together (both American and Japanese), in the morning and  afternoon. I grew up watching Tom and Jerry, Felix the cat, Little women 2, Zenki, B'TX, etc.

As I grew up, different anime masterpiece was shown in national TV that I was so inspired that I can't help myself but to dedicate this blog post to honor them.

Ten: Gensomaden Saiyuki

Gensomaden Saiyuki is an adaptation of a chinese famous novel "Journey to the west". The anime is about the journey of the four anti-heroes namely Genjo Sanzo, Sha Gojyo, Cho Hakkai and Son Goku. They were ordered by the three aspect of buddha to stop the resurrection of Ox-Demon King, Gyumaoh. The main characters are high ranking gods in heaven before they were reincarnated on earth as punishment to a certain incident. When I first watched this anime on AXN, I immediately became a fan. The anime was presented with a new style of visual effects during fight scenes and confrontations. The anime is not only about action, it also mixes some comedy and drama to the story.

Nine: Bleach

I first saw this anime when it was featured in our college newspaper. The writer gave it high ratings so I became curious and watched it in youtube. Eventually, I became addicted to it that I even watched it during office hours (sorry my past employer). Anyway, the story is about a young man named Kurosaki Ichigo who can see dead people (even dead animals). One day, he bumped to Kuchiki Rukia a shinigami aka Grim Reaper (or Death God or Soul Reaper whatever you may call it). Rukia was injured by protecting Ichigo from a hollow and have no choice but to give some of her spiritual powers to Ichigo. But Ichigo absorbed all of her powers, became a shinigami himself and slash the hollow to pieces. As the story progressed, Ichigo became more powerful than a captain rank shinigami and protected Soul Society and Karakura town from its enemies.

Eight: Hajime No Ippo

Every Filipinos love boxing. And everyone can't help but relate and sympathize to the story of the young protagonist, Ippo Makunochi. Ippo was bullied in school and avoided by his classmates because of his study-work schedule giving him no time to socialize. When he was cornered and beaten up by some bullies from his school he was saved by Takamura, a boxing genius that later inspired him to become the strongest boxer in Japan.

Seven: Gundam Wing

I watched this anime when I was in fourth year high school (damn, i'm old). For me, this anime shows that war doesn't solved anything. It just brings grief and sorrow to both parties and mostly the current and the next generation suffers because of it. Anyway enough of me being sentimental. This anime is the story of five unique and remarkable gundam pilots that was chosen and trained by five scientists that rebelled against "Organization of the Zodiac" aka Oz. The mobile suits was called Gundam became the metals used in constructing the suits was called Gundamium. The five mobile suit pilots was sent to earth to free the colonies from the Alliance's opressive rule.

Six: Naruto

Naruto was one of the few anime that offers a rich collection of characters but still gives emphasis on everyone of them. I was impressed on the number of ninja moves, uniqueness of each character and unpredictable fight scenes. The story is about the child Naruto who was sad and indifferent because of the cold treatment of the Leaf Villagers towards him. He was treated this way because the nine tail demon fox was sealed inside him and the villagers believe that the demon fox was Naruto himself. As he grows strong through hardship and training, he also struggles to be acknowledged and to earn the respect not only by his masters but also by the people.

Five: Yu Yu Hakusho

Who can forget Eugene's signature shout "ReiGan" or Ray Gun!! Yusuke is the original name but I prefer to use the name Eugene because it was the name used when it was dubbed here in the Philippines. Eugene(Yusuke), Alfred(Kazuma), Vincent(Hiei) and Dennise/Denise(Kurama) formed a team that was sent to fight the evil guys under the direction of the baby boss of the underworld Jericho(Koenma). I used to watch it on Channel 13 and I became really frustrated when it was always replayed back on the first episode. Thank God, the series was transferred to GMA 7 making it one of the most popular show in the Philippines.

Four: Slam Dunk

I watched this first in AXN and I was hooked in this series because of its funny yet serious approach. The story revolves on Hanamichi Sakuragi a self-proclaimed Tensai (genius in Japanese) as he joins his schools' basketball club (Shohoku) because of the girl he likes (Haruko). By joining the club, Sakuragi met diifferent people like his rival Rukawa, baskeball captain Akagi and many others. The series ended before the national tournament starts and I'm one of the fans who's still praying for a second season.

Three: Death Note

What will happen if one of the best criminal mind and the world's best detective collide? The anime is about the story of a young genius who founds a mystery notebook that can kill any person by writing his name on it. Because of the number of the criminals he killed, interpol has summoned the best detective to chase him. With unbelievable twists and unpredictable story line this anime is a must watch!

Two: Voltes Five

"Borutesu Faibu Ni" I bet that you're singing this while reading. I first saw this anime when I was 6 years old and during that time it was extremely popular. Even today, majority of the people I know especially the younger ones still knows who Steve, big Bert and little john is. This anime is a classic and laid the foundation of anime fandom here in the Philippines.

One: Ruruouni Kenshin

In my opinion, Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X in the US) is the best anime ever produced. I first watched this anime on Studio 23 and eventually became an avid fan. The story revolves around Kenshin Himura, the legendary swordsman that paved the way to the Meiji Era. Even though he tried his best to live a peaceful life, his dark past always seemed to haunt him. The reputation of being the strongest always attracts different challengers and even the government asks for his help.

This anime boasts an awesome soundtrack, superb fight scenes and amazing plot. If you haven't watched it, your missing half of your life. Just go to youtube or crunchyroll and give it a try.


  1. I also love watching animes too! I agree on most of what you've stated here. :) Recently though, I'm becoming more akin to slice-of-life types of anime. One in particular is Kimi To Boku; it's just a breathe of fresh air :)

  2. Yeah, I've also watched a similar anime in AXN few years ago. If I'm not mistaken, "Boys Be" is its title :).

  3. honestly speaking it is only the Voltes V that i am familiar with . maybe i was really not that quite addicted to TV before or when I got my self to school.

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