Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back to the Old Drawing Board

One year ago. I've decided to quit my job and become a full time entrepreneur. Fortunately, I've become one and it's not an easy road to take. I've learned so much last year about business and money that I've decided to come back to the work force this year. 

Why? You asked. Being an entrepreneur is really cool but at this time I don't feel I can give up my career either. It just doesn't feel right. This year I've learned so many things and I came to understand how it feels to be an employer and an employee. I met so many amazing people that I've learned to realize that I've so many things to learn to become a full time entrepreneur.

I'll listed down below some of the most important things I've learned:

1. One of the pros of being an employee is that you can easily build new connections and enjoy the company of your colleagues.
2. If you're starting up a business don't quit your job yet unless you have a sufficient capital, a good network, a good cash flow from your business and you understand the business 100%.
3. Being an entrepreneur is like growing your own kid. If you didn't pay attention to it and nurture it, it will not grow and eventually die.
4. I believe that there's always a transition from being an employee to becoming an employer. You will know when it comes.
5. Sometimes being always at home or doing your business at home sucks. That's why having an office is very important.
6. Defining your market at the beginning is very important. If you can't define your market, just answer this question what problem does your business is trying to solve?
7. Don't believe everything about what people tells you. Always trust your instinct and test everything before jumping into something.
8. Most of the time, most friends are not good business partners. Everything changes when money is involved. It is best to start a business on your own or with your wife/husband.
9. Have fun doing your work, be it on the office or your home.
10. And lastly, don't be discourage by failures. At first, most people won't believe you or your business but don't stop and never ever quit. Persistence is the key to success.


  1. 11. persistence is the key to progress and success.
    12. no regrets, just lessons.


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