Sunday, April 7, 2013

Before and After

Wow!! Time flies so fast that it's been two months since my last blog post. So many things happened, I get rehired by my previous employer, and realized many things. I was given the opportunity to fix (again) the company's computer network/system and in the same time have some little projects for my company. I've met my old colleagues and some new employees. I've heard again their endless sentiments and it's quite hard not to get involved but I tried my best to keep my cool.

I've met different top executives in the past and I've realized how much I've grown as a person. Now I know how employers and employees thinks. Their different perspective in getting things done, their different styles and their priorities in life and business/career. 

One thing I really don't like about supposed managers or supervisors even on top executives is when they panic. Panic is born out of fear. For me, managers should learn to lead because its how their subordinates see them. What will happened if everyone in the corporate ladder panics and although get the job done. Something else will be sacrificed in the process. It may be respect for your boss, yourself/confidence or quality of your work. 

I might say I really missed the old team on my previous company. The time when all of us are working as one. Not because of the money but we want to company to grow as we grow. We enjoy what we're doing and respect one another. At this point, I still believe that something good will happen and everything will turn out just fine.