Monday, February 20, 2012

MV Logos Hope to visit the Philippines

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! To all bookworms out there, MV Logos Hope the world's largest floating book fair will visit Manila.  It will offer the selection of 5,000 books  at a very affordable price.

When: February 17 - March 13, 2012
Where: Pier 15, Berth 4, South Harbor
Business Hours: 10 AM - 9:30 PM, Tuesday to Saturday; 1 PM - 9:30 PM on Sundays. The ship will be closed on Mondays.
Ticket Price: Php 20.00, Children under 12 is free.

MV Logos Hope is operated by the German Charitable Christian Organization, GBA Ships e.V.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The iPad 3 Rumor

Naturally, almost every apple fanatic will have a higher expectation regarding the rumored iPad 3. So I searched the web looking for clues of what this mythical creature is all about.

Ok, just a mock illustration from :). Anyway, I listed all I can find on what to expect in iPad 3.

1. iPad 3 will be thinner and sleeker design compared to iPad 2.
2. iPad 3 display size (9.7" diagonal) is the same as iPad1 and 2.
3. iPad 3 has screen solution is 2048 X 1536 (twice that of iPad2).
4. iPad 3 will have a more expensive but lighter battery compared to iPad 2.
5. It will run on A6 Quad core processor. (much faster compared to most desktop computers that we use).
6. iPad 3's display pixel is  one-fourth the size of iPad 2.
7. iPad 3 will be loaded with the latest IOS5 (5.0.1?)
8. Improved Retina Display and 3D Feature.
9. Integration with the iCloud.
10. Improved Camera (5 Megapixels with 1080p X 720p of video recording quality).
11. Fingerprint proof
12. Release Date: March 7, 2012

(source: http://www.thetechlabs.com,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Forward we go

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt

It's officially my first day of being a bum. I woke up today at 9 A.M. and the first question that pops out of my mind is what will I do for the day? And I decided to take a whole day rest. I just watched T.V., take a nap, talked to my girlfriend on Skype (she's on China) and appreciate the day as it is. 

I also reflected on what happened yesterday, my last day of work on the company. I really appreciate what my friends and office-mates did for me. My friends bought spaghetti, pichi-pichi,  ice cream and a few large bottles of soft drinks. It's not much, but I really appreciated it. I've felt really happy yesterday, and I also realize that they also appreciate me as a friend and as a co-worker. It's crazy. I'm sad and happy at the same time. 

I'm sad because I'll be leaving the work I love and the people I worked with for one year and ten months. I'm happy because I know that this is not goodbye, I'll still be working with them with the small businesses we came up with.

Anyway, I also realize that I'am on my own now. I'am now the boss of my life and I, have the power and responsibility to create what my life will become. So I created a list of what I plan to do for the whole week:

1. Clean my room (our maid do this for me, I'm such a lazy bastard)
2. Create a new post for my blog.
3. Confirm our reservation for Panagbenga (Baguio, here we come).
4. Attend the service for Single Encounter 56 on Sunday at BLD House in Cavite. 
5. Talk to a friend regarding the proposals and contract for (a group buying site that we're working on)

One might say, that this is a crazy idea. Leaving a stable job without the assurance that all the business ideas will really take off. Yes, this is really crazy and the fear of failure and not being financially stable sometimes creeps in. But I believe that we can make it, no matter how long it will take. 

Thank you, my friends (you know who you are). See you all soon :)