Tuesday, January 24, 2012


He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. - Benjamin Franklin

It's been a while since I entertain the idea of actually writing and creating a blog. I've been an internet user since 1999, and yes i'm one of the first few filipinos who owns an external dial-up modem, chats in irc, used early yahoo messenger using their real names, yahoo is cooler than Google and lastly windows 95/98 are the most awesome Operating system that everyone have.

I remember the time when I and one of my classmates in UST (University of Sto. Tomas) have created a simple web page using notepad (yup, we're doing it manually) and we're so fascinated with what we can do in the internet that we teach ourselves HTML programming. Ok, enough nostalgic stuff. Let's go back to the blog topic.

First, why awesome bum? Are bums awesome? Well, not all. Last week, I gave my 30 days notice resignation letter to my boss and effective February 15, 2012 I'm officially resigned and unemployed. Yes, I have lost financial security but I'm no longer a believer in that stuff. In return I gained back my awesomeness and my freedom. I don't have a freaking job!! Am I happy about it? Yes and no. 

I've listed my top 10 reasons why I chose to quit my job.

10. Being locked inside the office is boring and a waste of time.
9.  Routine activities will kill your creativity.
8.  Favoritism sucks.
7.  Having a regular job dictates how i spend my time and live my life.
6.  Early morning stress due to squeezing my way inside the LRT/MRT train.
5.  I have to associate myself with scumbags.
4. Time is more valuable than money.
3. I need to wake up early in the morning and go home late at night.
2. I want to spend more quality time with my family and friends.
1. I want to live an awesome life.

And there is only one reason why I'am sad about leaving the company.

1. I will miss my friends. (emo?)

Ok, lets get to the awesome part. I've create my bucket list and it is listed below.

1. Make money without having a job. (Don't underestimate my powers)
2. Lose weight until I reach my ideal weight (I'll reach 155 lbs. in no time, I promise ;)).
3. Make my first million pesos. 
4. Start my own blog. (check)
5. Travel across the philippines and revisit all those cool places.
6. Skydive and Scuba Dive.
7. Travel across the world. (The countries that doesn't need visa and the ones that need later :D)
8. Be married at the age of 33.
9. Be a successful entrepreneur and establish my business empire.
10. Taste all the delicious food, beer and wine the world has to offer. 

Like they said becoming an entrepreneur is really frightening. It's really like jumping off a plane. Of course, before I resign I have more than one business plan in mind. But I need to take a risk and give everything I got to make it successful. Hoping for the best, cheers!! 


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