Saturday, February 18, 2012

The iPad 3 Rumor

Naturally, almost every apple fanatic will have a higher expectation regarding the rumored iPad 3. So I searched the web looking for clues of what this mythical creature is all about.

Ok, just a mock illustration from :). Anyway, I listed all I can find on what to expect in iPad 3.

1. iPad 3 will be thinner and sleeker design compared to iPad 2.
2. iPad 3 display size (9.7" diagonal) is the same as iPad1 and 2.
3. iPad 3 has screen solution is 2048 X 1536 (twice that of iPad2).
4. iPad 3 will have a more expensive but lighter battery compared to iPad 2.
5. It will run on A6 Quad core processor. (much faster compared to most desktop computers that we use).
6. iPad 3's display pixel is  one-fourth the size of iPad 2.
7. iPad 3 will be loaded with the latest IOS5 (5.0.1?)
8. Improved Retina Display and 3D Feature.
9. Integration with the iCloud.
10. Improved Camera (5 Megapixels with 1080p X 720p of video recording quality).
11. Fingerprint proof
12. Release Date: March 7, 2012

(source: http://www.thetechlabs.com,


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