Saturday, October 13, 2012

6th MAFBEX 2012

It's been two months already after my last post and there's so many crazy things that happened in that sixty to seventy days. Let's start with the day after ToyCon 2012. It was June 17, 2012 it's sunday morning and I was online, browsing my facebook when I noticed a facebook update by Entrepreneur Philippines. There is a food expo happening on that day and it was the last day of the event. I've attended several food expos in the past but not a MAFBEX event.

Anyway, I convinced my girlfriend to come with me to the 6th MAFBEX 2012 held at the World Trade Center near Star City in Pasay. For starters MAFBEX stands for Manila Food and Beverages Expo. This years theme is "Back to Basic" to give emphasis on healthier food options all over the world. They hold the event to showcase almost all food related businesses in the country. 

After we pay the entrance fee of Php 100 we enter the establishment saw "Chefs of the World" where renowned chefs in the country demonstrates their cooking skills and teach some dishes to audience. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get his name because of the noise.

Here is the dish he's cooking during the show. Looks really tasty isn't it?

We continue to roam around the world trade center and found some products that we are interested about. Here are some party equipments like cotton candy and pop corn machines and they sell cheap also. :)

This is one of my favorites. I've never been to a mobile bar before but I know that having one will be awesome. If I have some money during my birthday I think I'll rent one of these to get drunk \m/

This one is from Tamayo's Catering services. I'm always impressed of their food, table and flower arrangements.  The arrangements are really elegant and beautiful. They're definitely one of the best in the country.

As we roam around the World Trade Center, we noticed some more elegant table arrangements. We took a photo the best ones that we've seen.

 We really love cakes. They're both beautiful and sweet. I think if given the opportunity my girlfriend and I can devour one large cake in one sitting. Anyway, enough about us. Here are some of the best entries during the Inter-school Cake Decorating Competition that was held at MAFBEX 2012. I think the theme for this yearcompetition is about the sea because all cake designs have mermaids, corals, sea shells design on them. Just click the image to enlarge, enjoy.

This trip to a MAFBEX event is really awesome. Not only that I saw and tasted the best dishes, I also learned a lot. If you're an entrepreneur like me, you will definitely see some business opportunities here. Just talk to some booths you're interested in and get their contact number to have some connections. 

I'll definitely love to attend the next year's MAFBEX Event. The 7th MAFBEX Event will also be held at the World trade Center from June 12 to 16 2013.